News & Events
  1. Women Agricultural Workers and Nutrition - Recognize, Promote and Protect. Policy dialogue at PODA Pakistan 10th International Conference on Rural Women Day.

    (October 2017)

  2. Women's Voice: Political participation and representation. A4EA launch event jointly hosted by CSSR and IDEAS.

    (September 2017)

  3. Can Rural Leaders Play a Role? Noorulain Masood presented at the SAFANSI Roundtable on Government Action for Nutrition.

    (September 2017)

  4. Surveyed become Surveyors: Communities generate evidence for action. Video poster by the Research to Action Team at the ANH Academy 2017.

    (July 2017)

  5. The hidden economic backbone - Women in agriculture. Sidra Mazhar presented at the International Conference on Gender, Work and Society.

    (April 2017)

  6. Gender, Fundamentalism, and Development. Ayesha Khan presented in a series of seminars, organised jointly by SOAS and UEL (University of East London).

    (April 2017)

  7. Estimating the Living Wage in Sialkot, Pakistan. Asad Sayeed's presentation at the Asian Living Wage Conference in Islamabad.

    (May 2016)

  8. Women of the World (WOW) Festival Karachi.

    (May 2016)

  9. Understanding the Complexity of Armed Conflicts in South Asia. Book Review by Economic and Political Weekly.

    (March 2016)

  10. Roundtable on Hunger and Nutrition. 26th March 2016, Karachi.

    (March 2016)

  11. The Potholed Road to Decentralization: An Explorative Study of Service Delivery in Karachi by Kabeer Dawani and Ammar Khalid (IDEAS) at the 10th Annual LUMS HSS Conference.

    (March 2016)

  12. Mafia domination or victims of Neo-Liberalism? Woes of Karachi's urban transport. Asad Sayeed and Kabeer Dawani at the 10th Annual LUMS HSS Conference.

    (March 2016)

  13. Estimating a Living Wage in Pakistan. Kabeer Dawani's talk at the Review of 2015-16 National and Provincial Budget: Creating spaces for the vulnerable and poor in society.

    (January 2016)

  14. Pak-China Relations: Partnership or Patronage. Asad Sayeed's talk on Pak-China Economic Corridor at the 2015 Khayaal Festival.

    (December 2015)

  15. Causes of Jihadi Militancy in FATA and Swat areas of Pakistan. Asad Sayeed's talk for Bloomsbury Pakistan.

    (July 2015)

  16. Call for Proposals: formative and feasibility agriculture intervention research studies.

    (July 2015)

  17. Does women's work in agriculture help or hinder nutrition in Pakistan? Haris Gazdar's talk at IDS, part of the Transform Nutrition Seminars.

    (April 2015)

  18. Social Protection in Pakistan. Asad Sayeeds presentation at the South Asia Research Networks (SARNET) International Conference on Meeting the Challenges of Employment and Social Protection in South Asia.

    (December 2014)

  19. 30th Annual General Meeting and Conference Pakistan Society of Development Economists.

    (December 2014)

  20. The Second International Karachi Conference.

    (November 2014)

  21. Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) Agriculture/Nutrition Workshop and Open Forum.

    (April 2014)

    15th April 2014, Avari Hotel, Karachi

  22. Youth Bulge in Pakistan: Dividend or Chaos. Asad Sayeeds presentation at the South Asia Research Networks (SARNET) Symposium on Youth Bulge in South Asia.

    (December 2013)

  23. Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) Pakistan Stakeholder Mapping.

    (November 2012)

    8th November 2012, Karachi.