Globalisation and Labour

(December 2010 - January 2011)

The project is part of a multi-country review of the impact of globalisation on labour and employment. Pakistan's economy has undergone a steady process of globalisation since around 1988. The paper provides a brief overview of the political economy of this process, with a particular focus on the most recent decade. Labour data are analysed to see how trade liberalisation has affected employment and workforce trends in Pakistan, in comparison with promised outcomes. It is shown that informal institutions play a key role in shaping labour market outcomes, and hence the impact of globalisation.

Publications and Papers

Mysbah Balagamwala and Haris Gazdar,Globalisation and Strategic Engagement Abroad and Labour Non-Markets at Home: Employment in Pakistan. in D. Narasimha Reddy (ed). Globalisation and Labour in South Asia. Panos South Asia. February 2013.

Keywords: Labour

Mysbah Balagamwala and Haris Gazdar,Strategic Engagement Abroad and Labour Non-Markets at Home: Globalisation and Employment in Pakistan. Collective for Social Science Research. January 2011.

Keywords: Employment , Labour