Action for Empowerment and Accountability

(April 2017 - )

Action for Empowerment and Accountability is an international research programme which explores how social and political action can contribute to empowerment and accountability in fragile, conflict, and violent settings.

The programme will develop and apply a variety of innovative, multi-method, interdisciplinary research strategies and data sources, both quantitative and qualitative, such as surveys, diaries which households use to record their experiences of governance, and action learning, to capture, conceptualise, measure, nuance and assess both the impact of social and political action and the interventions of donors and others on empowerment and accountability.

Primarily focusing on five countries (Egypt, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan), the programme is being implemented by a consortium which includes: the Institute of Development Studies, the Accountability Research Center, the Collective for Social Science Research, the Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives, ITAD, Oxfam GB, and the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research.

Action for Empowerment and Accountability is supported by UK aid from the UK Department for International Development.