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Publications and Papers

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Keywords: Covid-19, Economy
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Keywords: Covid-19, Economy
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Keywords: Development, Poverty
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Keywords: Democracy, Politics
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Keywords: Violence, Women
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Keywords: Education, Language
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Keywords: Economy
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Keywords: Development
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Keywords: Politics, Poverty
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Keywords: Tolerance, Violence
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Keywords: Labour
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Keywords: CPEC, Economy
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Keywords: Terrorism, Violence
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Keywords: Media, Trade
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Keywords: Development, Gender
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Keywords: Gender, Legislation
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Keywords: Climate Change
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Keywords: Gender
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Keywords: Caste, Class
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Keywords: Conflict, State
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Keywords: Caste, Class, Housing, Land
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Keywords: Gender
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Keywords: Gender
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Keywords: Gender
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Keywords: Democracy
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Keywords: Democracy, State
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Keywords: Labour
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News / Events

Kabeer Dawani presented his paper, "Why do Pockets of Effectiveness Develop in Weak States? The Case of the Sindh Revenue Board" at the 13th Annual Conference organized by the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The theme of the conference was Critical Interventions: Mapping Emerging Scholarship on South Asia.
Rehan Rafay Jamil presented on "Social Policy and Changing Citizenship Boundaries in Pakistan" at the at the 13th Annual Conference organized by the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The theme of the conference was Critical Interventions: Mapping Emerging Scholarship on South Asia.
Ayesha Khan's presentation on 'A Public Interest Litigation Case to Address Obstetric Fistula in Sindhat' at a Consultation on Maternal Health Petition hosted by the Collective for Social Science Research in Karachi.
Women and Inclusivity of Growth, Pakistan @100.
Dr Asad Sayeed at a panel on "New Economies, Media & Startup Collaborations" at the India-Pakistan Economic Connectivity Forum at the 23rd Chaophraya Dialogue.
Dr Asad Sayeed at a panel on "State of Trade between India and Pakistan: Roadblocks and Potential" at the India-Pakistan Economic Connectivity Forum at the 23rd Chaophraya Dialogue.
"The Impact of Afghan Soviet War on Pakistan." Dr. Asad Sayeed at a book launch panel at the 9th Karachi Literature Festival.
"Love Thy Neighbour: India-Pak Relations." Dr. Asad Saeed at a panel at the 9th Karachi Literature Festival.
"#MeToo. Gender Issues Today." Haris Gazdar at a panel at the 9th Karachi Literature Festival.
Haris Gazdar's presentation at seminar on Sustainable Development Goals, Aga Khan University, Karachi.
Can Rural Leaders Play a Role? Noorulain Masood presented at the SAFANSI Roundtable on Government Action for Nutrition.
'Recognising, Protecting and Promoting the Rights and Wellbeing of Women Agricultural Workers in South Asia.' LANSA policy dialogue at the 2nd Agriculture, Nutrition, Health (ANH) Academy Week and Feed the Future Nutrition Innovation Lab Scientific Symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Gender, Fundamentalism, and Development. Ayesha Khan presented in a series of seminars, organised jointly by SOAS and UEL (University of East London).
Understanding the Complexity of Armed Conflicts in South Asia. Book Review by Economic and Political Weekly.
The Potholed Road to Decentralization: An Explorative Study of Service Delivery in Karachi by Kabeer Dawani and Ammar Khalid (IDEAS) at the 10th Annual LUMS HSS Conference.
Mafia domination or victims of Neo-Liberalism? Woes of Karachi's urban transport. Asad Sayeed and Kabeer Dawani at the 10th Annual LUMS HSS Conference.
Pak-China Relations: Partnership or Patronage. Asad Sayeed's talk on Pak-China Economic Corridor at the 2015 Khayaal Festival.
Causes of Jihadi Militancy in FATA and Swat areas of Pakistan. Asad Sayeed's talk for Bloomsbury Pakistan.
Does women's work in agriculture help or hinder nutrition in Pakistan? Haris Gazdar's talk at IDS, part of the Transform Nutrition Seminars.
Social Protection in Pakistan. Asad Sayeeds presentation at the South Asia Research Networks (SARNET) International Conference on Meeting the Challenges of Employment and Social Protection in South Asia.
The Second International Karachi Conference.
Youth Bulge in Pakistan: Dividend or Chaos. Asad Sayeeds presentation at the South Asia Research Networks (SARNET) Symposium on Youth Bulge in South Asia.