Research to Action

CSSR's Research to Action (R2A) programme aims to share our research with stakeholders to aid the development of evidence-based policies and programmes in Pakistan. R2A hosts and participates in avenues to discuss research findings with the civil society, multilateral donor agencies, and the government, to influence high-level policy dialogue and provide input to large-scale programme design. R2A also engages community members to increase their involvement with policy making and implementation. For an ongoing pilot, research findings were taken back to the villages where the survey for LANSA’s Women, Work and Nutrition study had been conducted, and participants recruited to conduct evidence-generation for policy making. R2A is also responsible for maintaining the CSSR’s social media presence. The fortnightly Collective Blogs host short write-ups on research findings, uptake and fieldwork processes. These and other materials are shared through the CSSR Twitter and Facebook accounts. To learn more about R2A, please reach out to us at:

Publications and Papers
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