Aarti Lila Ram

Academic Background

BSc (Honors) in Social Development and Policy from Habib University.

Research Experience

As a part of Aarti’s undergraduate thesis, she explored the synergies and disconnects in the delivery of mental healthcare in the urban centres of Sindh. Her previous research projects focus in the areas of mental health, gender and mobility, intersectionality, intolerance for gender transgressions and gender discrimination and women entrepreneurship. She has also had a chance to present her dissertation and other research work at multiple national and international platforms and hopes to expand it further in the coming years.

In addition, she is currently working with Shehri - Citizens for a Better Environment – on a research report to Negotiate Mobility in Gendered Spaces in Pakistan under the project of Climate Efficient Urban Mobility and Smart City Growth. This project aims to initiate a narrative of sustainable and gender urban mobility in Karachi.

Research Interests

Community Development, Gender and Mobility, Informed Participation, Public Policy, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict, Women Empowerment & Leadership.