Kabeer Dawani

Academic Background

BSc. Politics and Economics, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Research Experience

Kabeer is a recent graduate from LUMS. His undergraduate thesis focused on the efficiency of service delivery in low-income urban areas across various governance systems. He has also previously worked on Punjab's Five-Year Growth Strategy with Dr. Ijaz Nabi (IGC).

Research Interests

Poverty, inequality, social protection, electoral politics, governance and service delivery, political economy.

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Asad Sayeed and Kabeer Dawani,Living Wage Report:Urban and Rural Pakistan. March 2017.

  2. Kabeer Dawani,Is the Minimum Wage a 'Living Wage' in Pakistan? Collective Blog. August 2016.

  3. Kabeer Dawani,More decentralization, please!. Collective Blog. March 2016.

  4. Asad Sayeed and Kabeer Dawani,How trade with India helped Lollywood. Collective Blog. December 2015.

  5. Kabeer Dawani,The chingchi's tryst with Karachi. Collective Blog. August 2015.

  6. Asad Sayeed and Kabeer Dawani,Debating political economy of the budget. Collective Blog. November 2014.

Press Publications

  1. Kabeer Dawani,A void left by Qingqis. The Express Tribune. August 2015.