Natasha Ansari

Academic Background

A.B with High Honors, Economics, Mount Holyoke College.

Research Experience

Natasha completed her undergraduate education at Mount Holyoke College, where her thesis focused on Akhuwat as an alternative model for microcredit and development interventions at large. Later, she conducted a formalized, independent, study on Akhuwat with her undergraduate thesis adviser Dr. Shahrukh Rafi Khan. Prior to the Collective she has worked on research projects at various organizations.

She tweets at @natashaansari

Research Interests

Heterodox economics, gender, governance, social justice and collective action.

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Natasha Ansari and Ebad Pasha,Today's Lyari. Collective Blog. November 2016.

  2. Natasha Ansari,Rights beyond property: The Boohars of Rohi. Collective Blog. February 2015.