Amna Akhtar

Academic Background

BBA (Hons), Finance, Institute of Business Administration Karachi, Pakistan.

Research Experience

Amna has previous experience in the education and development sector in Pakistan. In the past she has worked for Teach For Pakistan, an education non-profit, teaching and leading a social change initiative in an under resourced community in Karachi. Amna has experience in communications, training and strategy design and currently leads the research uptake efforts for LANSA at the Collective.

Research Interests

Poverty, education, conflict and gender.

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Amna Akhtar, Invisible work, visible harm. Collective Blog. December 2017.

  2. Amna Akhtar, Do we give back? Collective Blog. November 2016.

    Keywords: Community Engagement, , LANSA,

  3. Amna Akhtar, Making your work count: it's all about impact. Collective Blog. April 2016.

  4. Amna Akhtar, Can Social Protection Programmes Lead to Greater Economic Agency for Women in Agriculture? Collective Blog. October 2015.