Saba Aslam

Academic Background

BBA (Hons), Marketing, Institute of Business Administration Karachi, Pakistan.

Research Experience

Saba has led various social entrepreneurship projects at the IBA and is the co-founder of the project Khaddee, which provides hand-made khaddar from rural artisans to urban consumers. She has also previously worked at the Network of Organisations Working for People with Disabilities.

She tweets at @SabaAslamm.

Research Interests

Education, health and rural versus urban development.

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Rebecca Pradeilles, Elizabeth Allen, Haris Gazdar, Hussain Bux Mallah, Azmat Budhani, Rashid Mehmood, Sidra Mazhar, Ayesha Mysorewala, Saba Aslam, Alan D. Dangour and Elaine Ferguson, Maternal BMI mediates the impact of crop-related agricultural work during pregnancy on infant length in rural Pakistan: a mediation analysis of cross-sectional data. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth Vol 19, Issue 504. December 2019.

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  6. Saba Aslam, Women agricultural workers and their rights. Collective Blog. October 2018.

  7. Saba Aslam, Ag-Nutrition Policy: Where are the Women? Collective Blog. November 2017.

    Keywords: Agriculture, Women

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Collective Seminars

  1. Saba Aslam and Hussain Bux Mallah, Social Processes and Individual Behaviour: A Qualitative Study of Public Service Delivery in Informally Planned Settlements of Karachi, Collective Seminar 2018-08, 26 Nov 2018.