Economizing Stability: Political economy of informal sector activity in Karachi

(September 2014 - May 2016)

This study examines the informal sector in Karachi. 'Informality' is functionally defined as mass of economic activity that takes place either wholly or partially beyond the reach of the state. The research aims to advance our understanding of how a blend of formal and informal economic activity presents state power with significant challenges in ensuring stability. The objective will be to discern the relationship between economic informality and various dimensions of state stability, from ensuring its writ to arranging for its fiscal requirements. This will be done by looking at informality in three main areas: real estate, transport and manufacturing. The study will then make policy recommendations that would encourage greater formalization of the economy.
Publications and Papers
  1. Asad Sayeed, Khurram Husain and Syed Salim Raza, Informality in Karachi's Land, Manufacturing and Transport Sectors: Implications for Stability. United States Institute of Peace, Peaceworks No. 114. May 2016.

  2. Kabeer Dawani, The Chingchi's Tryst with Karachi. Collective Blog. August 2015.