Estimating a Living Wage

(September 2015 - March 2017)

Living wage is recognized as a 'right' by the international community and is included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This study uses a new methodology, more rigorous than previous ones, to estimate a living wage for workers in Sialkot. This will be representative of small urban and rural north Punjab. The methodology uses a mix of primary and secondary data, and has four components: food costs for a low-cost, nutritious model diet; housing costs; non-food non-housing costs; and a 5% buffer for emergencies. The aim of the study is to bridge the gap between the existing wage and the living wage over a period of time.
Publications and Papers
  1. Asad Sayeed and Kabeer Dawani, Living Wage Report:Urban and Rural Pakistan. March 2017.

  2. Kabeer Dawani, Is the Minimum Wage a 'Living Wage' in Pakistan? Collective Blog. August 2016.

    Keywords: Employment, Labour

  3. Asad Sayeed and Kabeer Dawani, Infographic for Living Wage in Urban and Rural Sialkot, Pakistan. May 2016.

News / Events
Estimating the Living Wage in Sialkot, Pakistan. Asad Sayeed's presentation at the Asian Living Wage Conference in Islamabad.
Estimating a Living Wage in Pakistan. Kabeer Dawani's talk at the Review of 2015-16 National and Provincial Budget: Creating spaces for the vulnerable and poor in society.
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