Faiza Mushtaq

Academic Background

M.A. Sociology, Northwestern University.
B.A. Sociology, McGill University.

Research Experience

Faiza Mushtaq has been at the Research Collective as a Visiting Research Fellow since 2007. She is completing her PhD in Sociology from Northwestern University and is currently writing her doctoral dissertation on contemporary movements of Islamic education and social reform. Her dissertation fieldwork in Pakistan was supported by fellowships from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and the Social Science Research Council. Faiza has taught at the Lahore University of Management Sciences and Northwestern University, and held research appointments at Northwestern and the American Bar Foundation in Chicago.

Research Interests

Culture, religion, law, social movements, comparative-historical sociology and social theory, qualitative methods.

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Haris Gazdar and Faiza Mushtaq, Political Organisation and State-Building in Pakistan. Crisis States Research Centre, DESTIN, LSE, London. October 2010.

Other Reports and Publications

"Red Mosque Revisited" currently under review in a peer-reviewed journal.

"Cosmopolitan Lifestyles, Glamorous Women: Markers of a Modern South Asia" currently under review in a peer-reviewed journal.

"A Day with Al-Huda: The Bureaucratic Organization of Religious Competence". Contexts, v.6, no. 2, Spring 2007.

"Towards a Sociological Theory of Judicial Power: Explaining Change in Asian Judiciaries", co-authored with Terence Halliday. Working paper at the American Bar Foundation, 2004.

Review of "Faithlines: Muslim Conceptions of Islam and Society" by Riaz Hassan. Contemporary Sociology, v. 33, no. 5, Sept. 2004.

"Beyond Charisma: Everyday Contexts for the Performance of Moral Authority". 38th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology, Budapest, June 2008.

"Blurring Boundaries: The Three (Intertwined) Careers of Yusuf Ludhianvi". 35th Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin, Madison, October 2006.

"Moral Purity and Social Reform: The Case of a Women's Religious Education Movement in Pakistan". American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, August 2006.

"The Paradoxes of Organizing Inspired Action". Re-Stating Religion: A Conference Reconsidering the Rules. Columbia University, New York, March 2006.

Collective Seminars

  1. Faiza Mushtaq, Public Health and Urban Politics: The Polio Vaccination Campaign in Karachi, Collective Seminar 2019-07, 15 Nov 2019.