Collective Seminar Series

The Collective has initiated an in-house seminar series to generate feedback from peers on its research. It is attended primarily by staff, but may include other invited researchers as well. These seminars stir debate around key issues based on evidence and provide a platform for young researchers to hone their presentation skills.

  1. Rehan Jamil, The Impact of Cash Transfers on Women’s Citizenship in Pakistan - A Household Survey Analysis, Collective Seminar 2019-08, 13 Dec 2019.

  2. Faiza Mushtaq, Public Health and Urban Politics: The Polio Vaccination Campaign in Karachi, Collective Seminar 2019-07, 15 Nov 2019.

  3. Tayyab Safdar, The Belt and Road Initiative and Economic Development: The Case of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Collective Seminar 2019-06, 22 Jul 2019.

  4. Natasha Ansari and Asad Sayeed, Migration and Differential Patterns of Patriarchy: Contours of Female Labour Force Participation in Karachi, Collective Seminar 2019-05, 02 May 2019.

  5. Rehan Jamil, Social Policy and Changing Citizenship Boundaries, Collective Seminar 2019-04, 25 Apr 2019.

  6. Natasha Ansari and Rashid Mehmood, Milk for Milk, Water for Water: Analysing Pakistan's Dairy Innovation, Collective Seminar 2019-03, 19 Mar 2019.

  7. Erum Haider, Powering Through: Political Uncertainty in Hybrid Regimes, Collective Seminar 2019-02, 19 Feb 2019.

  8. Kabeer Dawani and Asad Sayeed, Estimating a Living Wage Benchmark in Sialkot, Pakistan, Collective Seminar 2019-01, 18 Jan 2019.

  1. Ayesha Khan, Sana Naqvi and Zonia Yousuf Baltistani, Women's Political Voice in Pakistan, Collective Seminar 2018-09, 10 Dec 2018.

  2. Saba Aslam and Hussain Bux Mallah, Social Processes and Individual Behaviour: A Qualitative Study of Public Service Delivery in Informally Planned Settlements of Karachi, Collective Seminar 2018-08, 26 Nov 2018.

  3. Asad Sayeed, External Account Imbalances, Accumulation and Productive Investment (with Rashid Mehmood), Collective Seminar 2018-07, 30 Oct 2018.

  4. Natasha Ansari, A Microcredit Alternative in South Asia: Akhuwat's Experiment (with Shahrukh Rafi Khan), Collective Seminar 2018-06, 26 Sep 2018.

  5. Ayesha Khan, The Women's Movement in Pakistan: Activism Islam and Democracy, Collective Seminar 2018-05, 10 Sep 2018.

  6. Sidra Mazhar, The Hidden Economic Backbone - Women in Agriculture (with Mysbah Balagamwala & Haris Gazdar), Collective Seminar 2018-04, 08 Aug 2018.

  7. Mishal Khan, Beyond Abolition in India: Recognizing, Collective Seminar 2018-03, 24 Jul 2018.

  8. Rashid Memon, Valuing Women of Voice: Sexism and Mansplaining in the Labour Market (with Sheheryar Banuri), Collective Seminar 2018-02, 03 Jul 2018.

  9. Haris Gazdar, Political Economy of the BISP (with Rashid Memon), Collective Seminar 2018-01, 09 May 2018.